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'Zdravě Bystro'


,,When I was opening my shop, I always wanted to have also ice cream, because directly in our village is location a company with exquisite ice cream. Therefore, I didn’t have to keep searching for a supplier, because we hade this one, which was location nearby and moreover their ice cream is really delicious, handmade and who tasted it, knows it very well.

We do some experiments this year, so we ordered lime with ginger, cinnamon, chocomint and then the favorite ones such as chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, raspberry and many others. Most of them is gluten free, fruit lines and vegan and we also tried raw ice creams, even though higher price, they were immediately gone! So the ice cream from Nivnice is the best!!!"

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'Sweets Point'

Lichnerova 76, Senec

"We are doing the business only for a short time, but it became passion for us and we do it with love and joy. Thanks to cooperation with company Adria Gold, our business is growing together with quality and all our customers speak only in superlatives about the ice cream."

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'Pražírna kávy a kafírna Smýkalová'

Valašská Polanka 103, 756 11 

,,Cooperation with Adria Gold team (especially with Mr. Pešl) is on a very high level. He is always open-minded, devoted and ready to help us anytime. As for the products, it is clear that Adria Gold prefers quality to quantity. All our customers are satisfied."


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'Dárky a zmrzlina U nás'

Družba 1224, 76331 Brumov-Bylnice

,,When I was choosing the best supplier of ice cream for our newly opened shop, I was lucky that I contacted company Adria Gold. From the very beginning it was obvious that it will not be only supplier of products, but also a reliable business partner. Soft as well as scoop ice cream are highly appreciated by our customers, who are always coming back and eagerly looking into our ice cream cabinets and looking for new flavours. As usually, Adria Gold can always suprise us with new flavours, for example the protein one."


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