Soft serve ice cream of extra quality

Our soft ice cream is made from an ice cream blend according to a traditional confectionery recipe that we have protected and innovated for 28 years. Soft ice creams contain a milk or fruit base that can be combined with pastes. Our fruit pastes are gluten-free and contain 70% fruit. Thanks to all these honest ingredients, you can create a quality ice cream with fantastic flavour. 

Freshness, lightness and delicious flavour characterise our soft serve ice cream blends.  

Honest ingredients, recipes tuned to the finest detail from cream to super fruity sorbets have gained acclaim not only here in the Czech Republic but also far beyond our borders. 

Practical packaging and a simple blending procedure make preparing the best soft serve ice cream extremely simple.

Ready-made Base blend for producing quality ice cream. Blend our honest cream blends with water and enjoy. Milk or fruit base Delicious milk ice cream or refreshing fruit sorbets from real fruit. Simply blend the base with water and add a fruit paste containing up to 70% fruit. Extra Fruit Fruit bomb! No aromatics, no colourings, no powder - ice cream full of fruit that's rich in vitamins. Make the fruitiest ice cream - you will be original and unique.


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