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In-house recipes and procedures

Unlike the competition, we have many family recipes and procedures that we have fine tuned over the many years that we have been on the market.

We select our own raw materials and ingredients - therefore we always have 100% confidence in their quality and origin. Development of new products, recipes and production is all performed directly in-house.

We make deliveries throughout the Czech Republic using our own vehicles and we are not reliant on external carriers who are often unreliable. We have everything under our own control, which gives you the confidence to rely on quality from A to Z.

How can we work together? Fast!

1. Contact us via email, telephone or contact form on our website.

2. We then submit your request to a sales representative according to region.

3. The sales representative for the given region will contact you, arrange a meeting with you or handle your request (i.e. order products over the telephone).

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Individual approach

Promotion of sales locations

Service and consulting


Are you just starting an ice cream business?

We can analyse your needs and objectives, and based on the results we can determine a strategy suitable for you.

Do you already have an ice cream business?

We can analyse the current situation, fulfilment of needs and objectives, and set a new custom solution for you.

Do you want to first taste the ice cream?

No problem ! We'll give you a taste and show you how to blend the ice cream.

Do you want to get to know us better?

We are actual producers, not just distributors and therefore you can visit our company, where you will have the chance to take a first-hand peak under the hood of ice cream production. We pride ourselves on our personal approach and it is very important for us. 

Are you having problems setting up the soft serve ice cream machine or are you unsure which machine to choose?

We can help you with the setup of your machine. We can put you into contact with partner companies that will supply a machine under advantageous conditions. We also have the ability to supply glass ice cream counters at special prices or for free rental.

What about advertising?

Our cooperation does not end with the supply of products and machinery. We will contact you regularly to check that you have everything that you need. We will advise you if you need anything - we have acquired a lot of experience over the time that we've been in business, which may help your business. We will help you with the implementation of our product innovations and will promote 

We also offer many flags and other promotional items which will grab the attention of your potential customers.

Don't miss any of our news.

When we produce a new flavor or expand the range, you will be the first who knows!