Honest Czech ice cream from Nivnice

If there's one thing we know well  
it is
authentic Czech ice cream!

A family recipe proven over many years and quality ingredients are what set our ice creams apart. We are proud that our ice creams are based on real ingredients, not substitutes. We have maintained our confectionery trade recipes since 1992.

We offer scooped, soft serve and 3-in-1 Extra Fruit, which is the base for making 3 products - soft serve ice cream, scooped ice cream and fruit pulps. 

You can choose from scooped ice creams Grande, Plus and Eccellente. The real ice cream treasure is the Special line, which offers honest fruit sorbets, Vegan and RAW ice creams, real vanilla and many other ice creams from honest ingredients from around the world. Non-traditional flavours can be found in the Limited edition.

You can select soft serve ice cream according to the base made using: 
1) Ready-made blend, simply blend together with water.
2) Milk base and fruit base that is combined with pastes
3) 3-in-1 Extra Fruit blend, which is used to create soft serve or scooped ice cream, or alternatively pulp full of fruit flavour.


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